VXV is the Verse by Verse Bible teaching ministry of John and Sara Koller in Three Rivers, Michigan. John and Sara have a burning passion in their hearts for the pure Word of God, and to see others transformed by its supernatural power to cut to the heart, encourage, edify and instruct.

At VXV we study the Word of God for one simple reason: in order that we may know Him. In order that we may know and fall madly in love with the Person and Works of Jesus Christ, and come to an awe and an appreciation of all that He is, all that He has done, and all that He is continuing to do in our lives and in the lives of those around us.

At VXV we’re not after religion – we’re after relationship. So feel free to come and explore the Word of God with us!  Here you can listen to our current series in, or download mp3’s and corresponding lesson devotionals. Please feel free to browse blogs & topical papers, post comments or ask questions – either about the text or anything that may be on your mind concerning the things of God. We will do the best we can to respond – and we invite your suggestions concerning what we can do to improve this website for you.